1Rev. Paul N. E. Teske has served as a “traditional” pastor and clergyman within a mainline denomination since 1976. A graduate of Baylor University and Concordia Theological Seminary, Rev. Teske’s orthodox training has also included time at the Lutheran Theological Institute in Oberursal, Germany and Eastern Baptist Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. He served churches in the Republic of Panama and Ohio before serving as an active duty Navy Chaplain for twelve years. In 1989, Rev. Teske returned to parish ministry taking a call as the Senior Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church (affiliated with the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod) in Westport, CT after more than 15 years of parish ministry, Pastor Paul’s retirement plan was to spend his final years with Rivers, his wife, playing golf and traveling. The Holy Spirit however had other plans. On May 7, 2004, while speaking to two hundred businessmen, Pastor Paul suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, immediately leaving his left side paralyzed. While in the hospital, God spoke to him and told him that he would be healed in twenty-one days. Upon leaving the hospital in a wheelchair, he was told by the medical staff that even after physical therapy, he would need to wear a leg brace for the rest of his life.

Twenty-one days after the stroke, Rivers, drove Paul to Baltimore, MD to attend a large healing crusade. On that Friday night, exactly as the Lord has promised, Pastor Paul was completely healed. Without any knowledge of his prior condition or healing, the minster leading the service called Paul and Rivers to the platform to receive “a call to administer healing and deliverance” and stated that thousands of people would be healed by Jesus through their ministry. (Click Here For Full Testimony)
Since his healing on May 28, 2004, Pastor Paul has traveled to teach and minister in over forty countries on six continents and ministered in venues including: healing crusades in large stadiums; teaching, demonstrating and imparting the gifts he received to others in churches, camp meetings and homes; television and radio; seminars; and teaching in Bible schools, seminaries and colleges.

In addition, he has witness thousands give their lives to Jesus as He confirmed the Gospel with signs, wonders and miracles. Pastor Paul has personally seen a blind woman in Greenwich, CT have her sight fully restored; crippled children in Scotland, China, Africa, and India walk; the demonic set free from Dallas to Minneapolis to Colorado; and a litany of other amazing miracles testifying to the power of Jesus Christ moving in the world TODAY!
Pastor Paul carries a truly unusual anointing and because he is a “mainline” clergyman, he is invited across denominational lines to share his unique testimony as he preaches and teaches and demonstrates the Power of Jesus Christ. He book,Healing for Today (Bridge Logos Foundation) was released in July 2010 and shares his story that Jesus still heals today.

He has been married to his lovely wife, Rivers, since 1989 and has been blessed with three grown children and three extraordinary grandchildren.



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